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Stop to Try to Make All

It is not in your interests to think that you or if, can make all problems involved in management, marketing and management of your business.
If it not force to receive it from your plate. Maximise the time, doing that you make all efforts or actions which directly increase your income as marketing!
And a key to performance which should overcome your objections on outsourcing.
“I do not presume to employ to myself someone.” – you do not presume not to make to yourselves on the thing party in which you are not good or do not enjoy. What is the time and energy you spend on them? Measure value, defining your hourly rate. Then compare that you “spend” to pay yourselves, to make problems against it would cost to make them on the party.
“Not performance, it directly means that I am lazy.” – released from this the Puritan work ethics. Lazy it is defined as “feeling hostility to work or effort,” which is not the same, as being perfect how you spend the time.
“Anybody any more will not make it correctly.” – this can seem true, but it also itself defeat drawing! Wonder, “What positive intention to keep on trust, what anybody cannot make something so good any more how I can?” Then the address that positive intention in a way, which does not demand, that you were to take each problem.
– The tip – to spend your time is the most favourable way on those actions which are supported by your two firms – marketing of your services and delivery of your services. Something else is transferred someone else.

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